Counselor to Traveler to Educator to Designer: Bridging the Gaps to Solve Complex Problems

About Me

Evolving to create impactful experiences

As a Product Designer, my background in Psychology and Education provides me with a unique perspective rooted in understanding human behavior and learning. This allows me to approach design from a user’s viewpoint like no other. My journey in Product Design has been enriched by my ability to empathize with users and discover their needs and desires through supported research. I firmly believe that effective design transcends mere aesthetics; it must also enhance the user experience, ensuring that products are not only visually appealing but also functional and intuitive. Through diverse work experiences, I’ve cultivated a distinctive blend of wisdom and professionalism, setting me apart from my peers. My commitment lies in harnessing these qualities to make a significant impact.

After 13 years of teaching in South Korea, spanning all levels and ages of students, I reached a point where I yearned for new challenges beyond the confines of my current position. Seeking growth, I transitioned into Product Design, where I’ve discovered a refreshing outlet for my creativity and problem-solving skills. I’m drawn to the field’s dynamic nature and the intriguing application of psychology in understanding user interactions. This shift represents an exciting opportunity for personal and professional development.

Having worked across diverse industries, I’ve learned firsthand the significance of team dynamics in shaping job satisfaction. My aim is to discover a role where I am not only eager to contribute but also valued for my insights and encouraged to provide constructive feedback. Ultimately, I am in pursuit of a lifelong career where collaboration thrives, fostering a sense of unity and collective success within the organization.

About Me

Evolving to create impactful experiences

My Vision

I design beautiful and functional digital experiences, empowering people from all backgrounds to navigate the world online with ease. Cultural empathy is at the core of my work, ensuring every design is not only intuitive but also leaves a lasting positive impression. This user-centric approach fuels my passion for innovation, allowing me to craft interfaces that bridge cultural divides and foster seamless connection for everyone.

My Mission

My mission is to design exceptional user experiences that are both beautiful and functional, empowering people from all backgrounds to navigate the digital world with ease. Cultural empathy is at the heart of this mission, ensuring every design is not only intuitive but leaves a lasting positive impact. As a resilient and collaborative designer, I'm always eager to contribute and grow, fostering exceptional user experiences through every project.

My Goal

My design journey is fueled by a constant pursuit of knowledge and inspiration from fellow creators. This passion translates into crafting intuitive and visually captivating experiences. I actively seek out diverse environments, allowing me to build deep empathy for my users. This empathy is the foundation for user experiences that resonate and leave a lasting impact.

Who am i

Be Consistent, Inquisitive, Adapt, and Repeat. difficulty

My skillset is constantly evolving. I value open communication and believe a strong team thrives on shared learning. I’m always eager to contribute my knowledge and learn from others. 

I often encounter difficulties when beginning a new project or case study. However, as I navigate through the design process and its numerous variations, I consistently find myself energized and prepared to tackle any challenge, guided by this cherished quote

“If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive. No matter how talented or skilled you are.”

Carl Newport

Deep Work

Soft Skills

Hard Skills


Fresh eyes, designing for the future.

While new to the UX/UI field, I bring a wealth of experience from the education field, along with a relentless passion for design and a drive to learn and excel.

My Work

The projects I've been working on.


Colleague / Client Feedback

Randon is a strong communicator (written and verbal) and creates clear, concise presentations. He actively participates by asking insightful questions and readily incorporates feedback to improve his work. Additionally, he demonstrates excellent time management skills, consistently meeting deadlines despite a busy schedule.

Warren Nugent Head of UX & Product Design @ Landmark Group

Randon is a professional, kind, and collaborative team player who takes pride in his work. He constantly strives to improve, refining lesson plans and seeking feedback from colleagues. His impressive work ethic is evident as he balances a full-time job with pursuing a second Master's degree. Randon's focus and motivation make him a valuable asset to any team.

Marybeth Anderson Keppler Register Nurse; Certified Teacher and Tutor; Freelance Writer and Editor

Randon excelled as both a head teacher and classroom teacher at BONO. He provided clear guidance to foreign teachers, fostered positive relationships with all staff, and effectively communicated across cultures. His passion for teaching shone through in his engaging classroom, creating a safe and stimulating learning environment for students.

Kalie Danielson Centre Manager @ Peacocks Early Learning Centre

Randon took my vision for a modern portfolio website and turned it into reality! Our initial chat was a breath of fresh air – his friendly personality put me at ease, and he listened intently to all my ideas. He then helped me to designed a sleek, modern website that perfectly reflects my brand. Throughout the process, any tweaks I requested were completed quickly and seamlessly. Overall, I'm thrilled with the final product!

Keum Hyun-Ah Freelancer

Randon has a great ability to blend user-centric design principles with innovative solutions. He has a keen eye for details and how to approach them in an iterative way

Peter Javorkai Product Designer at Adidas